Products & Services

Bespoke Technology Solutions that Work

Cash Management Technology

Tove Technologies offers innovative cash and risk management solutions. The cash management and forecasting system we provide automates the preparation and reconciliation of the organization’s daily cash position before the start of the business day. The system provides a powerful and intuitive means of visualizing cash positions by combining bank balances and transactions with expected cash flows. This guarantees clients up-to-date and real-time information about their positions across banks, accounts, entities, and regions.

The cash management technology we provide allows clients to analyze global cash forecasts by day, week, month, or year by leveraging multiple data sources, such as repetitive items, ERP data import, integration with other modules, and historical data extrapolation.

Financial Technology

Tove Technologies, along with its partners, provide Specific Banking Software & Services to financial institutions of all sizes and sectors. Our software solutions cover:

  • End-to-end Retail Banking
  • End-to-end Business Banking
  • Integrated Corporate Banking
  • Universal Banking
  • Core Banking
  • Central Bank Treasury, Risk & Payments
  • End-to-end Wealth Management & Private Banking
  • Insurance & Pension Fund Management
  • Asset Management & Services
  • Credit Unions.

Technology Development

Having the right technology to build your business is the way to go. Tove Technologies provides custom technology software that is tailored to your business objectives, preferences, and challenges. The tech development solutions we provide focus on the specific needs of your end-to-end business processes.

Our technology solution is ideal for companies that want to engage their clients with high-end systems while being innovative to stay ahead of the competition.

We walk you through the processes of:

  • affirming your idea based on our expertise and market knowledge;
  • defining your needs, functionalities, and target market;
  • setting priorities while keeping an eye on your project budget and timelines;
  • designing, developing, and testing the solution;
  • product implementation and maintenance;
  • developing new strategies to enhance or improve your digital solution.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Do you have the need to consult your software project?

Do you want to gather insights before starting your software development project?

Or, do you need to find a software solution that best meets your company’s needs?

At Tove Technologies, we provide industry, technical and operational analysis to assist with digital business transformation and meet software needs. With our software and domain expertise, we support companies across industries gain value from their digital solutions to become top performers in their fields. Our ultimate objective is to leave you satisfied with your software and realize all of its potential and value.

Cloud Consulting Services

Tove Technologies advises businesses on recognizing and reaping the benefits of cloud computing, such as reduced operational costs, quick deployment, and data security. The consulting services provided cover:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design – We assist you in selecting cloud products that meet your business needs and provide cloud migration feasibility analysis, as well as cloud infrastructure design.
  • Cloud Network Design – Based on your networks and needs, we provide networking design for public cloud services, such as VPC, VPN, ACL, and security groups.
  • Database Migration Design & Migration – We offer data migration recommendations based on the features of your service, as well as a detailed database migration plan. We also assist in migrating databases completely or incrementally according to the desired cloud migration plan.
  • Storage Data Migration Design &Migration – We make inputs based on the features of your service and provide a detailed storage data migration plan. We, as well, facilitate migrating local data fully or incrementally as per the optimal cloud migration strategy.
  • Infrastructure Deployment – We assist in completing cloud infrastructure integration, as well as help with the purchase and provision of ECS, RDS, and other cloud resources. We also assist with the transition from legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud system.


Tove Technologies partners with globally-recognized companies to provide tax e-invoicing and VAT automation platform for tax compliance. Our tax compliance solution has a highly effective implementation architecture that allows the Revenue Authority to have complete data on all transactions, whether B2B, B2G, or B2C.

The end-to-end VAT automation system also enables Revenue Authorities to quickly deploy a robust VAT Compliance System to increase collection and reduce fraud. This technology allows for seamless integration with existing invoicing and POS systems for any type or size of business.