DDoS Attacks in the Financial Industry: How to Protect Your Infrastructure and Payments

While Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for over a decade, they still continue to evolve and escalate, particularly during 2022. The tense geopolitical situation caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected the nature and intensity of these types of attacks, making states official participants in the DDoS mitigation market. […]

What’s next for digital currencies?

Over the last two years, we’ve observed how digital assets have revolutionized payment and banking services. The explosion of interest in digital currencies brings with it new challenges in governance, privacy, competition, cybersecurity, and social inclusion. While a cashless future is still far away, more than 80% of central banks are either considering the launch […]

Fraud Prevention Strategy: Finding Weak Links in the Payment Transaction Cycle

This blog is a part of our new series 5 Strategies for Building Resilience to Financial Crimes and Cyber Attacks in 2022. In the last few years, we have all observed an increase in the sophistication of cyber-enabled attacks and financial crimes. This coincided with intensified focus on digital banking by financial institutions and increased […]

How to Protect Payments From Buy Now, Pay Later Fraud

The holiday shopping season is here and for many merchants, it’s the busiest and the most profitable time of the year. It’s also quite a juicy season for the fraudsters who monitor changes in consumer behavior and who are always on the lookout for the next lucrative opportunity. This year, they have something new to […]